Experience nature

Activities at Gatikallu homestay

There are many activities that will be conducted at Gatikallu Homestay that are listed below.
White water rafting and Flying fox charges extra as it is not included in any of our Packages


1. Bonfire
2. Light music
3. Stream Walk *
4. River Rafting
5. 4x4 Drive to Ghati falls

6. 4x4 Drive to Durgadabbi
7. 4x4 Drive to Sunset point
8. 4x4 Drive to Ancient temple
9. 4x4 Drive / Trek to Rani Gudda(jhari)
10. 4x4 Drive / Trek to Balarayanadurga
11. 4x4 Drive / Trek to Remote Water falls
12. 4x4 Drive / Trek to Bandage Arabi(falls)
13. Stroll through our Coffee and Tea Estate
14. Games(cricket, volleyball etc..)